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NEW -> Sharpening RAF files in LR- no worms! Eureka!

Discussion in 'Post Processing/Software Forum' started by Sean73, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. jknights

    jknights Moderator Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2011
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    Oliva, Valencia, Spain & Cornwall, UK.

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    The presence or absence of worms is not down to just RAFs in Lightrom but can happen with any/every RAW processor.
    The publicity around the presence of worms is a relection on the huge number of LR users.
    I have found that there are still worms present (I am using LR6.14) in some of my images. Yes I will never buy an Adobe subscription so wont be using the most recent release but it is a good tool along with other RAW softwares.
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  2. StephenL

    StephenL Pixel scutcher

    Jan 9, 2015
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    Yorkshire Dales, England

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    I only use Lightroom for processing raw files. I’ve never seen the worms either printed or on screen. Neither has anyone who’s seen my photos. But I never apply any sharpening except whatever Lightroom does by default.

    PS I cannot see the point in deliberately “forcing” worms to appear. Let them lie in peace.
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  3. Sarawak

    Sarawak Premium Member

    Feb 17, 2018
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    A kindred spirit. Glad I'm not alone.
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