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Restoring and XE1 (or other?) camera after a problem firmware update

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by jknights, Apr 1, 2016.

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  1. jknights

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    Mar 14, 2011
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    This is the process by which forum member Frankie managed to get his Fuji XE1 that was not fully functional after the XE1 firmware version 2.5 update, to be recovered to full working again.

    I thank him for sharing this information as losing one or your only precious camera is a serious loss.

    Firmware updates should NOT be a dangerous process and as such it is very unusual for the new firmware will cause a camera to misbehave but unfortunately it is not unknown.

    After Frankie’s XE1 camera ceased to work correctly after the 2.5 version update he decided upon release of the version 2.6 firmware to test it the camera could be restored.

    Below are his words on the process that I have changed very slightly so they read as though the process was being observed independently.

    The step-by-step "reboot" this morning was half accidental...

    1. The Fuji technician first installed FW 2.6 into a Fuji XE1 camera from Service department stock. He saw the same thing that Frankie saw.
    … Battery Remaining, no Image Count, EV display permanent, as was Focal Distance scale [same as illustrated in the user manual]

    2. He then suggest switching to data display via the Q button. Frankie saw nothing except the 4x4 Q button array in the EVF because his LCD is always off.

    3. Frankie quickly pressed VIEW MODE. [because after the Firmware update - the EVF defaults to VF mode] and toggled over to Full Data Panel and observed the 3-bar battery full symbol [NB. fully charged for FW upgrade] and a six digit number starting with 001144 at top-left. Frankie knew that was the exposure count because 1144 was roughly the last count Frankie saw before the update. He uses an 8Gb card and so never saw more than 4 digits in the EVF (max number of JPG files on a 8GB card is ~1200 (I think)).

    4. The Fuji tech was thinking hard and asking out loud, how to prove those number or icon are not static so Frankie suggested testing by making some exposures and immediately fired off some shots. The number didn't change at the first shot, but started changing after the second and third shot. So the frame counter was working.

    5. The Fuji technician offered to check the camera out, putting me on hold to get a prepaid courier voucher for shipment to Toronto.

    6. Whilst sitting idle, Frankie switched back to EVF again and the Battery Remaining and 4-digit Exposure count are now on in the EVF, and the EV display and Focal Distance Scale are gone...exactly as Frankie had set it before the update. Switching back and forth a few times and all was functioning correctly and since he was still on-hold, Frankie did a few camera on/off and it still worked. Switching back and forth a few times all was functioning correctly and since he was still on-hold, Frankie has done a few camera on/off and it still worked.

    7. Describing what happened after the technician came back on-line, his remarks were most enlightening " the reboot we did to [mumbling] problems before..."
    Frankie's final comment: so like restarting the computer after software upgrade...we both laughed. Frankie did a few more cyclical tests during the day and all still works correctly.

    So a happy ending to the saga.
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