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I took this shot in 1993 using Fuji Neon 1600 film. It's part of the series from my forthcoming (I hope) book. More Please login or register to view links.
There have been a couple of references in recent threads on the FujiX-Forum to 'Polaroids' - both about the awful little color ones. But long before there were color ones, my family bought a Polaroid Land Camera that made only black & white prints. I don't remember the exact model, but as I recall, it looked a lot like this one:
This was a remarkable purchase for our family, as they were rather expensive, and back then, my family did not waste money on expensive toys.
While making a book about our family's history, I scanned some of the Polaroid snaps taken by my father in the 1950s-1960s and I was amazed at the quality. Always in focus, always nicely exposed, no grain, and a very nice range of soft and subtle tones. [Not very often will you hear me bragging up b&w, so pay attention!]
I would hate for Dr. Land's legacy to become a synonym for crappy photos, so I'd like to show a few of the earlier ones here. (more in the reply)
Photo shot with:
Fuji x-T1
XF 23mm f2 @f13 (ISO 1600) 1/60th sec
Godox V860 II flash
Canon 24mm 2.jpg
Adapted Canon FD 24mm f2.8 SSC on Fuji X-H1
K&F Concept FD-FX adapter
Photo by Geoff Smith
Our kind of blueberries are smaller :)
You need to get close. They are incredible tasty and sweet!
xt2, 10-24@24, 1/80, f8. Today, Aug. 17.
DSCF2191 copy.jpg
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My iPhone 6+ pic of a piece of Chicago style deep dish pizza.
My stock sale of this pic was featured on the Stockimo Twitter feed yesterday.
Stockimo is an iPhone (only) app based stock agency based in the UK and affiliated with the Alamy stock photo agency.
The pic sold for $250 about three months ago and netted me $100 (40%).
It was processed on my iPhone in Snapseed at the restaurant :cool:.
Thanks for looking,
Large White Female Butterfly taken on the allotments, taken with a XT10 and 55-200.
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After several days of vigorous hiking with a backpack full of camera gear in Newfoundland I wanted a day off. I sat down in a comfy armchair on the deck of our rented cabin, mere feet from the ocean shore, expecting soon to doze off. Then I noticed this iceberg in the distance, ran inside and grabbed my Fuji 100-400 lens and X-H1. Then sat down in the armchair again. Just then a few minke whales swam by, followed closely by a swarm of gulls, excited by the fishing opportunity, so the action began.
These photos had to be extensively cropped and processed. There was also a lot of haze, which even the dehaze filter could not eliminate.
The whales stir up the fish, causing them to swim towards the surface. The gulls have long recognized that surfacing whales = food for gulls. The gulls leave their resting places on the rugged cliffs to catch fish surfacing near the whales.
Took my X-H1 t the fish market this morning in Colombo Sri Lanka. It was a photographers paradise, which I probably didn’t exploit as much as I should’ve. Enjoy.
XE2 / 18-55 mm
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Sadie Hawkins would be proud of this ladies technique.
Fuji X-T1, ISO 400, 1/90ss, aperture priority, +0.3 Exposure compensation, 18-55mm lens, f7.1 at a focal; length of 55mm cropped in Lightroom
Parada Del Sol 2017 101.jpg
We were lucky to have a bed & breakfast place facing the sea at Knights Town, Valentia Island. We stayed just one night and this rainbow over the lighthouse from the bedroom window next morning was a rare occurrence, the owner told us. Probably the only time the 50-140 was really needed on the whole trip of 1000 miles in six days - otherwise the 16-55 was used virtually exclusively. Still debating whether I need to take both on the next trip. Pleased with the clarity of the big one on the X-H1 at 140mm hand-held - IBIS plus the image stabilisation of the lens certainly supplemented each other as intended by Fuji. I took a few with the 16-55 but the diagonal divide and drama caused by foreshortening were lacking with the wider lens.
Valentia Lighthouse plus Rainbow, SW Ireland_edited-1.jpg
A little bit better in the Fraser Valley than yesterday when you couldn’t even see the outline of the mountains.
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Little Indah
Apenheul / Netherlands
X-H1 | XF100-400 | XF1.4xTC
2x2 photos
I wasn't really sure if posting photos of EDC items are frowned upon, but just wanted to share my other hobby.
Been addicted to the edc scene for a few years now and understandably, as a photographer, I take photos and share most of these in the edc communities / forums that I join.
In any case, here are some of them. All of them mostly taken by my ever trusted X-T1 and a very few of my new X-T2.
- This is what I mostly carry and use everyday -
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On the Mitzvah Tank yesterday. More Please login or register to view links.
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XE2 / 18-55 mm
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My first tracked MW shot with the VixenPolarie. The MW is a stack of ten 30 second shots at ISO 6400, the foreground is a stack of ten 20 second shots at ISO 6400 (from a non tracked experiment for comparison). All stacked effortlessly in Starry Landscape Stacker for Mac. I've experimented at home and find f4 with the 14mm eliminates coma in the corners and worth requiring higher ISO values.
The tracked images pulled out the colorful green sky glow, next time I'll experiment with longer tracked exposures.
Fuji XT2/ 14mm f.28/ f4/ 30 seconds pics
XE2 / 18-55mm
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This was shot on the actual Singapore National day fireworks display last Aug. 9, 2018.
Gear used:
Fujifilm XT20
Fujijon 18-55 F2.8-4
X-T2, Samyang 12mm f2, ISO 1600, 120 sec exposures (tracked), 8 frames
This is a much simpler panorama of the Southern skies than Please login or register to view links. It shows the 2 Magellanic Clouds quite prominently in the center of the image.
There's actually a lot of detail in the full size image and surprisingly little noise in the sky. And it looks like I had the tracker aligned pretty well, since there's very little star trailing visible. Polar alignment is much harder here in the Southern Hemisphere, since we don't have a big, bright star to aim at, but a rather empty part of the sky without bright, prominent marker stars. But that's a different story...
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This years summer holiday took us by car in domestic Norway all the way up to Northcape, northernmost point of Europe. In July we where lucky with the weather and could enjoy the midninght sun.
First shot. Road to Northcape X-e2 XF 55-200mm HDR three exposures at 11 pm :)
Second , Sunset in Sogn overlooking Sognefjells road, a national tourist road of Norway.
to far south for midningthsun but esposure is close to 10 pm
X-e2 Samyang 12mm
Third BW from promenade deck on the Ferry Bodø Moskenes as we arrive final port overlooking Lofotveggen/ the Lofot Wall
X-e2 XF 18-55 mm
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NYC Subway
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More below…
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Taken by Canon 7D-MK2 and 180mm Macro.
Hope you would enjoy.
for 2014 show 002 11x17.jpg
Aug. 15th 2018, a rainy day.
Once in my time, back in the 1980-ies, I was an aspiring botanist, spending days in summer meadows, taking photos with Nikon F3 and 105 micro Nikkor. Such as this Euphrasia, eyebright:
30 years have passed, new camera, Fuji XT-2
-- the lens is the same!!
DSCF2109 copy.jpg
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Walking in the rain today Aug 15th: As any city where I live, the forests around, plenty footpaths are established. To ease walkings, there are bridges of various shapes. And often these are named:
DSCF2059 copy.jpg
DSCF1995 copy.jpg
DSCF2083 copy.jpg
.......... which underline the xf 10-24 as THE lens to use in low lights/ rain/ tight spots…
Just a simple tourist type snap taken at Folkestone Kent UK of the seafront from the newly refurbished Harbour Arm.
X-T1, 10-24mm Lens, 1/640th @ F8, ISO-200, Handheld.
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Thank you for looking.,
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... or is it an Abstract? Credit to my Significant Other, for seeing this one, which I *could have* seen on about any day of the week, but did not.
Fuji XE2 + XC50-230mmF4.5-6.7…
I am fortunate to live in an area of the USA where marshes and wetlands are fairly abundant. Click on image for full EXIF.
X-T20 and 14mm f/2.8
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Composite image, exposure stacked in Photoshop CC from four long exposure images of 30 seconds to give an effective shutter speed of two minutes.
X-T1 & 10-24 @f11, ISO 400
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Some, from one of my favorite places in Greece!
Late afternoon long exposure of lighthouse in Chora while a fishing boat whas passing through
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Some more on second post…
This is my 55 macro. I'm thinking of trying this camera with a Nikon 300mm lens and doing long photographs.
Dry leaves 2018 Beaverton-B&W.jpg
Dry grass, Beaverton 2018.jpg
Eye of the sunflower 2018 Portland-Edit.jpg
I have been trying to capture the milky way for some time now. I had some bad luck as the days best for milky way photos had heavy clouds. With the recent milky way post I was inspired to try again and finally succeeded.
Fuji X-T1
Samyang 12mm f/2
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I go shooting in Detroit about once per week, sometimes more. So I guess I'll just continue to add to this thread. I'm assuming all of these will be shot with my X100F, because my 6D has been collecting dust since I got it. Feel free to add you own shots if you like.
Fox Theater.
Detroit River, with Windsor Ontario in the background.
Jefferson Ave. There was a guy passed out in a wheelchair to the left of frame, with a bottle of vodka in his hand, lol. That's the General Motors building in the back.
Dark Animal Portrait
X-H1 | XF100-400 | XF1.4xTC
Took this last month in Morro Bay.
Root cellars we built in many parts of Newfoundland (as in some other parts of Canada) before there was refrigeration. This was to keep vegetables fresh and protected from animals during the winter. Some 232 root cellars have been counted so far in the Twillingate area alone. Today they are mostly empty, or used to store more beer than the refrigerator can hold.
Where there was no easy way to dig into a hillside builders simply piled a mound of earth on top of the structure.
Post your fav bird photo(s) here. House Sparrow Fuji X-P1, 50-230 mm @230mm.
Birds Grassland House Sparrow-4425_HDR.jpg
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The past 10 years our family has been camping at Shaver Lake, California in the summer. The last two years I've been taking my landscape photography a bit more seriously, so this year, I sacrificed my sleep and woke up at 5AM to get the good light on the lake and avoid the boats.
Fuji X-T2
Fuji 10-24mm
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Fuji XE2
Fujinon XF56 1.2
Silver reflector
More photos here: Please login or register to view links
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